Ciao I'm Francesca...

...I'm 100% made in Italy! My parents are from the south of Italy, from a region called Calabria, I was born in Genova, in the north of Italy and I live in the centre, in a town close to Rome! I bought my first camera when I was 14...well actually when my brother asked me if I wanted to buy a camera my answer was: "what am I supposed to do with it?!"
So I started to "photograph" even though I
didn't have the slightest idea of what I was doing!
Since I've always been a daydreamer and I love catching those details that our eyes are sometimes too distracted to see, I have used the camera more and more to show people and also myself what my heart and eyes see: the


It translates the abstract feelings that move our souls into something tangible, visible, concrete and eternal.
Once I finished high school, I decided to study languages at university...this choice was determined by one simple factor: i didn't know what i wanted to do as an adult but I knew and I know who I am: I love MEETING new people, establishing unique relationships, TRAVELLING and SHARING so I thought: if I speak many languages I'll be able to communicate and get to know different cultures. 
This led me to start another job: tour leader. Being a tour leader allows me to meet people from all over the world and live in the open air but since the day I started I knew that was not enough for me. When I graduated my family gave me my first reflex, that's when I started to take portraits, I had never realized how powerful a portrait could be until a girl told me:
"Your photos make me feel beautiful", in that exact moment I
realized that

PHOTOGRAPHY IS POWER AND IT HEALS OUR SOULS by showing us reality as we'd never seen it before.

This is my ultimate and greatest goal as a photographer.  Photography to me is not only a job, it's my home, it's the place where my creative mind lives.  I think that:


that's why I love CANDID photograpy. During a wedding I can be part of and witness a unique, unforgettable special day and capture the beauty of those emotions that will live forever in my shots. I adore Intimate “small” weddings and I simply love taking photos of people who share my beliefs and vision.