Why do you smile when you see a couple's photo you don't even know?

Because of how that photo makes you feel,
you smile because that photo reveal something that goes beyond the picture,
it shows an emotion and for that you feel genuinely happy.
EMOTIONS - people say "you can't see them" - so how can you photograph them?
The truth is: Love happens when you don't pose!
Love is a smile you're shy to show, Love is a Laughter, Love is an Embrace,
Love is a Tear, a look,  Love is so many different  things and
I'm not a writer..so the best way I have to show you Love and the Emotions
that make us....US....
is through my camera and photos!

Claudia Fashion shoot in Civitavecchia

Summer, palms and a carousel...what else? This shooting was real fun, I had never worked with Claudia Sartorelli before, she's an amazing girl with a great passion and personality (check her on Instagram! )! It was also a pleasure to finally work in my homet...

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Engagement Photo Shoot Rome

  If you ask me why I love shooting couples, I'd probably answer with these photos. Emanuel and Kimberly just got engaged (in the US) and to celebrate they came in Rome, what a better way ah? :D I'm litterally in love with them and these pictures beca...

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